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Gramseva Bank

Welcome To Gramseva Donor Bank

Everyday, hundreds of people in any District require blood for a transfusion, a surgery or some medical procedure. In many cases, especially open heart surgery, there is need for fresh blood and therefore a need for donors. If you are a healthy donor, and do not mind taking a little time out of your daily schedule to donate blood when someone is in an emergency, please REGISTER .
You might be able to save a life of a patient. What's more, this is a service might help you when in time of need. Blood is universally recognized as the most precious element that sustains life. It saves innumerable lives across the world in a variety of conditions. The need for blood is great - on any given day, approximately 39,000 units of Red Blood Cells are needed. More than 29 million units of blood components are transfused every year. Despite the increase in the number of donors, blood remains in short supply during emergencies, mainly attributed to the lack of information and accessibility.We positively believe this tool can overcome most of these challenges by effectively connecting the blood donors with the blood recipients.

What do we do?

Gramseva Donor Bank tries to help victims/patients/those in need of blood. It is an attempt to reach out to these individuals in need of blood and connect them to those willing to donate. The approach is multi-purpose... Gramseva Donors will serve as a public directory of voluntary donors The service allows those in need of blood to mention their needs which are then made visible to a wide audience. It is also an informative resource on blood and blood donation.

What You Should Eat Before Donating.

A healthy diet helps ensure a successful blood donation, and also makes you feel better! Check out the following recommended foods to eat prior to your donation....A)Low fat foods.    B)Iron rich foods

Organ Donation.

Organ donation is the process of giving an organ or a part of an organ for the purpose of transplantation into another person. Organ donation means that a person pledges during his lifetime that after death, organs from his/her body can be used for transplantation to help terminally ill patients and giving them a new lease of life.